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CLOVER Features

FPS Boost

Improve the performance of your Minecraft game by using Clove's enhancement mods.

20+ Mods

Use from a variety of mods, such as keystrokes, block overlays, & much more!

1.8.9 only

Our client only works on 1.8.9, the most popular version for Minecraft PvP. 


Clover Client is a Minecraft PVP client being developed by a small team of developers. Our team has been working endlessly to push a smooth and unique experience to the user. For months we have been developing a client that brings your favourite mods into one place, whilst actively developing new mods with better performance to your Minecraft experience.

Team Behind CLOVER

Meet the passionate team behind the founding and development of CLOVER

Max Britton | Founder

Max Britton is based in Australia, and has been in the gaming industry for many years, working in the communications profession and marketing. Max Britton has been in the Minecraft community for a while, and has worked with various content creators with his influencer marketing agency (Sicro Management). 

Max is currently in charge of day to day operations of Clover Client, managing everything besides development.

Alan | Co-Founder

Alan, also based in Australia is a software developer that is currently studying web and software. He has been in the client community for many years, and has developed some of the largest clients out on the market today.

Alan is the currently the Chief Technology Officer at Clover Client and is responsible for the clients development oversight.

Frequently Asked

What version will the client be?
The client will be 1.8.9 - In the future we will add multi-version support.

When will it launch?
We plan to have closed Alpha out by the end of August, 2022.

How do I become a tester?
We will announce tester applications when we feel the time is right.

Will there be an FPS Boost?
Yes, there is a significant FPS boost.

Will Mac and Linux be supported?
Possibly in the future.

What Mods will there be?
We will have a decent amount of mods, the exact number is unknown at this stage.

Is this a hacked client?
No this is not a client that gives unfair advantages.

Can I get banned for using Clover Client?
Absolutely not!

When will the open alpha be ready?
We expect closed Alpha to last at least 2 weeks before we launch anything publicly. We want to ensure that the client is stable and a experience that people will enjoy.